Where I ate: February 2017

Bubble Waffles

You may have noticed that I didn’t do a round up of where I ate in January. This is largely down to not really eating out all that much across the month, mainly to save money. In February though I assaulted my stomach as much as physically possible because in reality I hate both my body and my wallet. So I’m back into the proper swing of things now and ready to talk about some notable eating out experiences across the short, but food filled, month of February.
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Where I Ate: December 2016

Modern Pantry - Finsbury Square

It’s January and after taking a look back over 2016 as a whole, it’s time to remember the best places I ate in December of 2016. December is notoriously filled with food and a lot of places do whole ranges of Christmas themed specials however, with a visit from my family for my mum’s birthday and a few meetings with friends who didn’t want yet another Christmas burger, I actually ate out at a bunch of great places that I’ll happily talk about in January. That’s not to say I didn’t eat my body weight in Christmas burgers (notably the fried camembert one from Honest Burger), but with these round ups I like to keep it as something you can go out and eat yourself, and as this is looking back at a previous month it’s only right to pick out the non-Christmas-specific places.
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Where I Ate: November 2016

The Black Penny

With the high chance of over eating in December I should probably have taken November slightly lighter than I did. But hey, it’s a chilly autumn, so why shouldn’t I load up on comfort food and eat out a lot? I mean in actuality, there’s a whole host of reasons, but I’ll rarely say no if someone mentions an activity that involves food. The month included a trip to Oslo, where I sampled the likes of Døgnvill Burger, Night Hawk Diner and the incredible cinnamon buns from WB Samson plus a couple of pizzas from a local Walthamstow favourite; SoDo Pizza, who I’ll undoubtedly feature properly at some point. Annoyingly, my camera decided to delete a couple of hundred photos from November, so I’ve had to go with some iPhone shots. Below I’ve picked out a few of my favourite bits and pieces that I’ve eaten from the month though, and it wasn’t until I started writing this that I realised how brunch heavy it was…
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Where I Ate: October 2016

Butterscotch Cronut

A while back I used to do round ups of the places I ate, things I baked and recipes that I cooked each month. This was, in part, to keep a kind of diary and to show the places that I get recipes from for my day to day baking and cooking which don’t necessarily make the blog. The posts, while a fun summary, were too long and took far too much time to put together for what they were. I have decided to revive them in a slightly different manner however. I’m taking out the bits around everything I’ve baked & cooked and I won’t be listing every single meal I’ve had out that month. What I am going to do is concentrate on a small handful of the best (or worst) places I’ve eaten across the previous month. So without further ado, here’s some eating out highlights from October.

The month started with a trip to Leeds where I ate at Bundobust, because that’s basically where I eat every time I head up. It’s my favourite place in Leeds and I’ve talked about it at length before. The rest of the month was London based and it was also one of my 3 veggie months for 2016. The highlights are as follows:
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What & Where I Ate: February 2016

What & Where I ate

I failed dismally at doing an update on what I baked, where I ate and what I cooked for January. Which is actually a bit of a shame as I did another veg month and we themed each week around a different cookbook or cuisine, so for once it would probably have been a bit more interesting than normal. Stuff like courgette halloumi fritters, mushroom & tofu noodle soup or re-purposing my sriracha honey glazed chicken to use with oven baked tofu. I moved right at the end of January though and I’ve not eaten out as much as I usually do, but I have however been baking a lot. So without further ado, here’s what I baked & cooked for February 2016 along with where I ate out.
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