Travel Diaries: Isle of Mull April 2016 pt.1

Travel Diaries Isle of Mull 16
At Easter of 2016 I took my girlfriend to meet my parents on the Isle of Mull. We’d spent a number of days in Glasgow and traveled up (incredibly early) on the Friday morning by train. We got the ferry across late that morning and I had my first chance to show the area off to Maddie. The weather was completely mixed for the whole trip, with it fluctuating from heavy rain to bright sunshine (the ferries later on the same day actually got cancelled and my sister had to stay in Oban for the night). This post shows images from our crossing and first couple of days on the island, including the ever changing and beautiful view from my parents house across to Ben More and a walk we did to Knockvologan and its beaches. Another thing to note was we paid a visit to the Isle of Mull Weavers at Ardalanish/Uisken and were talked through the whole process of weaving and design. If anything it made me want one of their pieces even more, and I’d recommend popping in if you’re ever on the island.

Oban to Mull Ferry
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Blueberry & Raspberry Oatbake

Blueberry & Raspberry Oatbake

As you’ll have seen from my last post about our time in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago, we went to see my parents in Scotland over Easter. Before the rest of the talk about my time there I wanted to do another recipe, which I know have been rare over the last few weeks (oops). On my Birthday in March I had a day off and spent it being a tourist in London. We went to Dishoom for lunch and checked out the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit at the Natural History Museum, but before we did any of that we grabbed breakfast from the Nordic Bakery. We specifically went for their cinnamon buns which are excellent, but while in there the Blueberry & Raspberry Oatbake caught my eye.

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Travel Diaries: Glasgow April 2016

Botanical Garden

Hey, guess where I went recently? SCOTLAND! AGAIN! It’s almost like I love the place or something. This time around I was taking my girlfriend up to meet the parents for the first time and, as they live on an island at the other end of the country, it’s a pretty big deal which requires some proper planning. We chose the Easter weekend so we could make the most of our holiday days, because hey, free days off are handy, and this time I decided I was fed up of just “passing through” Glasgow every time I headed north. I wanted to give it a couple of days to try and sell itself to me. We booked early flights up on a morning and an early train out to Oban a couple of days later so we could make the most of the timings of the trip.

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Olive Bread

Olive LoavesLast year I properly had a go at doing pastry and while I am certainly no master in it, I felt it went pretty well. You can take a look at a few of my pies etc here, here and here. This year I’ve decided to do similar with bread. I’ve made bread a bunch of times but never on a consistent enough basis to actually get the hang of it. I’ve even booked in a day course at the E5 Bakehouse (my parents said they’d get me a course for a Christmas present, so thanks Mum & Dad!) because I want to really get the hang of it this year. That’s not until July though, so I’ve got plenty of time to get baking myself before then. Olive Bread felt like a good one to get the year going.
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Galaxy Caramel Egg Brownies & CCP

ccp launch

Easter is right around the corner. People keep on putting Crème Eggs in everything. This is not ok with me. At their best, Crème Eggs are sickly, at their worst they’re nauseating. I don’t dislike them, I just don’t see what they add to anything. At Easter these days there are so many better options, even from Cadburys. But king of the high street readily available eggs has to be the Galaxy Caramel Eggs. They are just better, hands down. They are better than the Cadbury’s Caramel ones too, but the same can be said for the chocolate bars of both. Sorry Cadbury’s! My dream would be for Lindt to turn their salted caramel bars into an egg though, then I’d probably be found in a coma surrounded by empty foils murmuring “just one more egg, it’ll be ok” over and over again.

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