Top 3 – London Burgers

Patty & Bun - Smokey Robinson

So for a very long time now I’ve been meaning to start doing restaurant reviews. Partly because I eat out so often so it makes sense and partly because I thought it’d be fun to add an extra element to the blog. The more that I’ve been thinking about it and now I’ve increased the lifestyle type posts I was thinking that I may do a slightly different angle on this. So rather than doing individual posts on a restaurant I’m going to start blogging my Top 3’s. This will be something like: “Top 3 Burgers” or “Top 3 Fried Chicken Dishes” so it may not be restaurant specific but more food/dish specific depending on the post so I may mention the sides in passing say, but will focus on the core element. There’ll be no specials as you may not be able to grab it, so what’s the point in me telling you what you can’t have? Specials will have their own dedicated lists. These lists will primarily be based around London but I’ll blog about other places from time to time as well.

To kick things off I’m going straight in with the burgers. I’ve eaten a fair few of these over the last few years and I will happily say I’m spoilt. So here goes with my top 3 burgers in London, in no particular order:

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A Weekend In July: Parents, Les Mis, Bao, Museums and Caravan

Caravan Eggs

A few weeks back my parents came down to visit! For many of you that wouldn’t be all that much of an event, but now they live on a Scottish Island I don’t get to see them all that much. I mean, I’m planning my next trip up to see them and I have to break it down to London – Glasgow (coach, train, sleeper service, plane, car, cannon) , Glasgow – Oban (train), Oban – Craignure (ferry), Craignure – Pennyghael (bus or pick up by parents). It means that if they are coming down you need to do more than just hang around and it likely means they’ll need a hotel. I’m apologising now for a very photo heavy post.

Boat Ride

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Above The Taps: My Morning Routine

National Grooming Day

“Hey Mike, do you just wake up looking that good?” My adoring fans cry from the moment I leave my front door until I’ve fended them off and get the elevator door closed up to my office, followed by the screams of “and when are you baking us all cakes?”.
Well my answer to both is of course: “I naturally look like this, and don’t have to try, oh and I’ve already baked you all cakes, here they are”.

Then I wake up and realise that my hair is a mess, I look like shit and I’ve not baked anyone a cake.

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Berries Say Summer: Summer Berry Pie

Summer Berry Pie

A few weeks ago I hosted a BBQ, which was pretty rad. For the event I made a Summer Berry Pie. I also got a bit drunk and didn’t take any photos of it, because I was having a good time (soz ‘ard). I was however recently contacted by Seasonal Berries who were looking for people to get involved in their Berries Say Summer campaign. Talk about a great excuse for me to re-bake not only a tasty pie but for me to get some actual snaps of it this time around. And hey, as I’m changing jobs soon (can’t remember if I mentioned that) it’s a good chance for me to make a pie and take it in for my current workmates (they’ll be getting a cake the week I leave, I’m too good to this lot).

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Lemon, Earl Grey & Poppyseed Shortbread Biscuits

Earl Grey, Lemon & Poppy Seed Shortbread

I’ve been lacking on the recipe posts the last few weeks. Sorry! I’ve been pretty hectic and been out of the house a lot/getting to grips with the new kitchen and being given the chance to go to a ton of fun events. I’ve baked a few things but outside of the bread I uploaded previously, and I’ve not gotten the snaps that I necessarily wanted, which for me can be a sticking point. However, on a recent trip down to Brighton with work (these work trips won’t be happening for much longer, more on that to come), I let my eye be caught by some fancy biscuits in M&S while I was in Victoria station. The fancy biscuits were Lemon, Earl Grey & Poppyseed Butter Shortbread.
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