Chai Latte Loaf Cake

Chai Latte LoafIt’s all been a bit quiet on the recipe front this last month. Having no internet at home hasn’t really helped with this. I’ve been doing a lot of cooking and slightly less baking. But I moved back up to Walthamstow this week so I’ve got internet back now. I’m going to try and make up for my lack of food posts with my next Top 3 In London (Pizza this time), and a bunch of spring friendly recipes. I want to “master” bread this year as I never make enough of it. However this month I’ve made a couple of new bits and pieces. Including this Chai Latter Loaf.

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Isle of Mull – Christmas 2015

Isle of Mull Christmas 2015

At Christmas I took a trip to see my parents in Scotland again, you can see snaps from previous visits here and check out general Scotland rambles here. For the uninitiated; my parents live on the Isle of Mull and I absolutely fuckin’ love it there. This is part one of a two part series, and concentrates on the days over Christmas, before my friends came up for New Years. That will be following after I finally get around to doing my first recipe post of the year.

Isle of Mull - Christmas 2015

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2015 Review; Bake, Eat & Listen

2015 in review

2015 was a year that happened. I say happened, as outside of 2 or 3 notable bits (I started a new job, met an awesome lady, popped to Berlin and watched a LOT of (Progress) wrestling) it’s been a fairly average year. What with moving several times it never really got going properly. I know that for many it was probably a pretty big and action packed year, so sit down and take a swig of your January inspired “detox” juice and listen to me wittering away about the previous calendar year. I’ll be going through my favourite musical releases, favourite food eaten out and my favourite bakes from the blog. If you’re interested to hear a few other bits about what I did this year then go check out some words on Berlin and Scotland, and go follow me on instagram and twitter to take a look back at snaps and rambles.

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Baileys Espresso Bundt & Martinis

Baileys Bundt Cake

So for those that follow me on instagram or twitter, you’ll have noticed that I’ve been up in Scotland once again at my parent’s house over Christmas. I’ll be covering that and posting in more detail once I return, as I’ve still a few days left. In fact, right now I’m sat waiting (with my fingers crossed that their ferries won’t be cancelled due to storms. Edit: they made it!) for friends to arrive for New Years Celebrations. And that’s where the Baileys comes in.

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Christmas Recipe Round Up


A very merry Christmas to you all.

It’s been a pretty mixed year. But right now it’s just a few days until Christmas and we all know what that means, right? Food. More food than your body can handle. More cheese than you’d ever consider eating in a month, in the space of a few days. Everything covered in chocolate. Questionable amounts of alcohol consumption at questionable times of day.

I’ve decided that just a few days before the big day I’ll do a rundown of some of my favourite Christmas recipes from both my own blog and a few of my favourite other Food Bloggers, so check these out below and get your bake/cook on. Most of the ones from me are from previous years but you can check more recent ones here.

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