Where I ate: February 2017

Bubble Waffles

You may have noticed that I didn’t do a round up of where I ate in January. This is largely down to not really eating out all that much across the month, mainly to save money. In February though I assaulted my stomach as much as physically possible because in reality I hate both my body and my wallet. So I’m back into the proper swing of things now and ready to talk about some notable eating out experiences across the short, but food filled, month of February.
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A weekend in June: Hotbox, Dinerama & Dinosaurs

Well, June has been hectic. In fact, wait a minute, it’s JUNE? And it’s July IN TWO DAYS? When did this happen? I have no idea where my time has been going lately. It seems to be slipping away faster and faster (along with my money). Just this Friday I’m moving (again) to Bow Road, so if any of you are East Londoners, mine is a Gin & Tonic (no cucumber, god help you if I find cucumber in my gin).

Secret Cinema - Force Choke

Force choke – Photo by Arthy

But why has June been so busy I hear you ask? Well I’ll give you a snapshot of just one weekend to really hit it home. It started with a gig on the Thursday, the Movielife to be exact, at the Electric Ballroom. A whole heap of my friends were down from Leeds as well as a bunch of people from London. The Movielife are one of those bands that helped shape half the people I knows music taste. They got big in the early 00’s before breaking up and continuing with various endeavours (Vinnie, most notably in I Am The Avalanche). This meant that while it was a Thursday, a rather large amount of booze was consumed, and by the end of the set I had no voice left.

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Sriracha Glazed Chicken

Sriracha Glazed Wings

My apologies for the lack of updates, or at least, the lack of food related ones. I will be running the 3rd and final part of my Scotland trip soon (it may go full George RR Martin though and be split into parts 1 & 2 of the same post), and I’ve a video in the works, yup you read that right! But in the meantime, I’ve been struggling with my new oven. It’s only temporary, which is a huge bonus, as it is ridiculously unreliable and seems to be completely unpredictable. My food posts over the next couple of months may be quite scarce and may include more food than baking. However I’m actually signing for a new flat today. I’ll be a resident of Bow Road from July 1st and can’t wait. The room is small but the flat is huge.

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