What & Where I Ate: February 2016

What & Where I ate

I failed dismally at doing an update on what I baked, where I ate and what I cooked for January. Which is actually a bit of a shame as I did another veg month and we themed each week around a different cookbook or cuisine, so for once it would probably have been a bit more interesting than normal. Stuff like courgette halloumi fritters, mushroom & tofu noodle soup or re-purposing my sriracha honey glazed chicken to use with oven baked tofu. I moved right at the end of January though and I’ve not eaten out as much as I usually do, but I have however been baking a lot. So without further ado, here’s what I baked & cooked for February 2016 along with where I ate out.
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2015 Review; Bake, Eat & Listen

2015 in review

2015 was a year that happened. I say happened, as outside of 2 or 3 notable bits (I started a new job, met an awesome lady, popped to Berlin and watched a LOT of (Progress) wrestling) it’s been a fairly average year. What with moving several times it never really got going properly. I know that for many it was probably a pretty big and action packed year, so sit down and take a swig of your January inspired “detox” juice and listen to me wittering away about the previous calendar year. I’ll be going through my favourite musical releases, favourite food eaten out and my favourite bakes from the blog. If you’re interested to hear a few other bits about what I did this year then go check out some words on Berlin and Scotland, and go follow me on instagram and twitter to take a look back at snaps and rambles.

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What & Where I Ate: November 2015

What & Where I Ate Dec
November has ended and December has started, you know what that means right? It’s Chri… time for my November food round up! A quick look at everything I’ve cooked, baked and eaten (out). If you want to see previous entries for an insight into how much I eat out and generally what I cook then see here. I’ll be mixing up the order of these each month, and this time around I’m starting with what I ate. As ever this is generally a selection of the best, not everything I actually ate or baked.

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