2015 Review; Bake, Eat & Listen

2015 in review

2015 was a year that happened. I say happened, as outside of 2 or 3 notable bits (I started a new job, met an awesome lady, popped to Berlin and watched a LOT of (Progress) wrestling) it’s been a fairly average year. What with moving several times it never really got going properly. I know that for many it was probably a pretty big and action packed year, so sit down and take a swig of your January inspired “detox” juice and listen to me wittering away about the previous calendar year. I’ll be going through my favourite musical releases, favourite food eaten out and my favourite bakes from the blog. If you’re interested to hear a few other bits about what I did this year then go check out some words on Berlin and Scotland, and go follow me on instagram and twitter to take a look back at snaps and rambles.

Best Bakes

I feel like I stepped my game up a little this year. I ticked a few things off my list which I’d never made before that I’ve wanted to for ages. I tackled pastry properly a number of times with great success. I made my first bundt cake (plenty more of those to follow), and properly made a few doughs. I made almost nothing with peanut butter in which, for me, is a pretty major step.

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart


Pumpkin & Nutella Pie

Pumpkin & Nutella Pie

Pumpkin Cinnamon Buns with Maple Glaze

Mac & Cheese Deep Dish Pizza Came complete with its own paint diagram.

Pizza Mac Cheese

Mac N Cheese Pizza Pie

Pork Pies (For Realm & Empire)

Chocolate Carrot Nest Cake

Baileys & Espresso Bundt Cake

Baileys Bundt Cake

Music (In no particular order)

A bunch of these have cropped up in my music monthly posts from the last year, so go check those out for a bit more detail. Also a warning that I wasn’t that great at listening new stuff this year, so you’ll be hearing about some of the newer things a little later as I’ve made myself a playlist of things I missed. Any suggestions welcome.

The World is a Beautiful Place and I am no Longer Afraid to Die (TWIABP…) – Harmlessness


This album was brilliant. It grabbed me from the first listen and I’ve had it on repeat almost ever since.

Shit Present – Shit Present (ep)

shit present

The first EP from this Exeter lot is catchy, relevant and just damn fun. I even got my girlfriend one of their t-shirts for Christmas, prompting many “tell him he gave you a shit present” jokes from her family.

Spraynard – Mable

spraynard mable

If you like your punk with a side of despair then give this a spin. It’s perfect for running too, if that’s your vibe.

Ok, I’ve had those 3 on repeat more than I should admit… Honourable mentions go to:

Creeper – The Callous Heart (ep)

Foxing – Dealer

Turnover – Peripheral Vision

Petal – Shame


Eating Out

I eat out a lot, I’ve started doing round ups of the monthly bits here. I’ve not done one for December as it would have been almost entirely Christmas specials, so I didn’t want to talk about things you can’t eat for another year… But you’ll see some of those down below. So without further ado, make yourself hungry. I also started writing up my Top 3 lists for London eating, starting with Burgers, and there’s a pizza one in the pipeline.

The Burgers

I went through my top 3 burgers in London earlier in the year, the best ones I ate in general last year included a few specials, so they vary:

Bleecker St Burger – The Bleecker Black

Finally got to sink my teeth into one of these and DAMN.

Yeah! Burger – Pumpkin Burger (v) (Halloween Special)

Yeah Burger Pumpkin

The care these guys take on their specials is superb and the veggie ones get a proper look in.

Honest Burger – Christmas Special

Fried brie on top of a burger. They hands down won the Christmas specials for me this year and I had a bunch.


I ate a silly amount of breakfast food this year. A small handful of my favourites:


Caravan Eggs

Yolk – Avocado & Chorizo on toast

The Book Club – Mushrooms on Waffle

The Book Club Mushrooms

Patty & Bun – Oxcheek Sandwich


Homeslice – Brisket Pizza

Carrots shouldn’t work on a pizza, and they damn well do. Well done.

Ninth Wave (Isle of Mull) – Lobster & Scallops

Wonderfully fresh and well prepared lobster, and the scallops were excellent. My mum gave me their cookbook for Christmas.

Chin Chin labs – Burnt Butter Caramel Ice Cream

Chin Chin. All

If you’ve not been yet, go.

Caravan – Chilli Crusted Tofu

Went for date night with Maddie and we had a selection (she’s veggie) and this was easily the best of both meat and non meat dishes. The beans underneath it were supberb.

Bao – Pork Bao

I need to go back and scoff even more of these. Maybe one day I’ll brave that queue…

Smokestak – Brisket Sandwich

I have NEVER eaten BBQ this good before. These guys need to be on your radar.

I’m considering doing a full round up of actual bits and pieces from the year, as I went to Berlin, a couple of weddings, popped to Scotland a few times and generally just mooched about London. But hey, I’ve not got internet at home at the moment so my blogging time is pretty limited.

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