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Patty & Bun - Smokey Robinson

So for a very long time now I’ve been meaning to start doing restaurant reviews. Partly because I eat out so often so it makes sense and partly because I thought it’d be fun to add an extra element to the blog. The more that I’ve been thinking about it and now I’ve increased the lifestyle type posts I was thinking that I may do a slightly different angle on this. So rather than doing individual posts on a restaurant I’m going to start blogging my Top 3’s. This will be something like: “Top 3 Burgers” or “Top 3 Fried Chicken Dishes” so it may not be restaurant specific but more food/dish specific depending on the post so I may mention the sides in passing say, but will focus on the core element. There’ll be no specials as you may not be able to grab it, so what’s the point in me telling you what you can’t have? Specials will have their own dedicated lists. These lists will primarily be based around London but I’ll blog about other places from time to time as well.

To kick things off I’m going straight in with the burgers. I’ve eaten a fair few of these over the last few years and I will happily say I’m spoilt. So here goes with my top 3 burgers in London, in no particular order:

3. Dip & Flip (Clapham Junction) – Dip & Flip Burger

What is it? Dip & Flip specialise in roasted meats as well as gravy. So what do you get when you stick both of those on top of a burger? You get this, is what.

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What makes it so great?  The patty itself is smashed against the top of the grill and cooked pink in the middle. The meat on top is sliced thinly and is still juicy. The gravy makes it messy, yes but I am all about the messy burgers. Basically the above combination combined with excellent cooking makes this burger one to be messed with.

Where?  Dip & Flip, 87 Battersea Rise, SW11 (gets busy, but not insanely so, good pubs to wait in nearby)

How much? £9.95 + sides
Suggested side – Poutine (£4.95 – sharable)

2. Bleecker Street Burger – Bleecker Black

What is it? This started off as a special which they entered into the UK Burger Awards (LOOK UP THE NAME) and it promptly won them best burger in the UK. A while later they got it up and running as a regular alongside their other burgers. It’s 2 4oz patties from 4 different cuts of beef which have been cooked medium rare and had a whole black pudding stuck in the middle of them, with some cheese on top.

Bleecker Black

What makes it so great? Bleecker keep everything simple, and this burger is no different. There’s no extra fancy  sauce or special cheese. They let the simple ingredients sing for themselves, from the bun down to the cheese, burger and black pudding. Stick them all together and you have a wonderfully balanced but powerful burger.

Where? Bleecker St Burger, Spitalfields Market (it’s a stand so you may need to queue but you’ll be able to sit somewhere easily enough in the market)

How much? £10 + sides

Suggested side – Angry Fries (£4)

1. Patty & Bun (James Street) – Smokey Robinson

What is it? A glorious construction of a beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup and smokey homemade may all inside a brioche bun.

Patty & Bun - Smokey Robinson

What makes it so great? It’s been way too long since I’ve eaten this burger, but oh the memories. It’s wonderfully messy and the flavours, while many, all work well together to bring you something special. There’s no one flavour that means you don’t get any of the others and the patty itself is cooked to perfection. You will need about 10 napkins mind (or at least, my beard did).

Patty & Bun

Where? Patty & Bun, 54 James Street, W1U 1HE (gets very busy and there is often a queue, they’ve also got 2 more locations but the original remains the best).

How much? £8.50 + sides

Suggested side – Winger Winger Chicken Dinner (£5.50)


Honourable mentions:

MEATmarket – Dead Hippie Burger

Now veterans this is their standout burger and definitely one to try, if you go to MEATmarket over the other locations it’s a bit quieter and has more light.

Dirty Burger – Dirty Bacon Burger

Oh man, that bacon. It’s so thick and the burger is so messy.

Honest Burger – Various

Pretty much all of their burgers are solid so you can’t really go wrong. They all come with Rosemary fries as a standard, so if getting fries with your burger is a must, this is the place for you.

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    1. They are brilliant. And definitely do! I’ve an extensive list if you need any help haha.

      I appreciate the nomination and I’ve done a couple of tags before, most recently the Fdbloggers get to know, but I feel this one isn’t quite appropriate for my blog. Thanks for including me though, it’s always wonderful to hear from people!


      1. Already have. Bleecker St. is currently my favourite London burger – so I’m keen to finish off the bearded baker’s burger trilogy.

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