East London Summer: Burgers, Bikes, Coffee & Parks

Victoria Park
So I finished my old job, so long iCrossing, you were good to me. I even got put on Gardening Leave (thanks tube strikes, that then got cancelled) for the last few days. Which meant I finished on a Friday and had a whole week and a half off work to look forward to. I booked in a last minute trip to see my friend Rae in Berlin (more on that to follow) but started with an absolutely gorgeously sunny Saturday pootling about East London with my friends Gabi and Erica. We met up for a burger at the new Patty & Bun in London fields, where I had possibly the messiest burger experience of my life (worth it), before walking along the canal down to Victoria park.

Patty & Bun

Regents Canal

The plan had been to get on the Santander bikes (they were free that weekend as part of a number of ongoing events they’re running to push the bikes over the summer) and cycle around the park. But as we were idiots and planned it all backwards, we had to spend a good chunk of time chilling in the park while our food settled. I’ve been wanting to explore Victoria Park since I moved to Bow and this was a perfect chance to do it.

Regents Canal

When our food was adequately settled we grabbed a couple of bikes. Being a complete Boris Bike rookie I forgot to check mine for a flat tired. So after a few minutes of cycling with this I then had to go change it, which led to difficulties when the docking station wouldn’t work… When that was eventually sorted we went back to Victoria Park and spent the afternoon pottering around it. Taking in what would appear to be some of the last warm rays of the summer.

Victoria Park

We rounded the day off with a coffee at my new local coffee house; Zealand Road Coffee before Erica had to make the journey back down to South East London and I had to start packing for my Berlin trip.
I then had an exceedingly stressful evening thanks to ASOS completely fucking up a next day delivery for a new bag I’d placed the day before (it still hasn’t shown up, hah), meaning I had to dash to Westfields (hell on earth) to grab myself a new bag for the trip to Berlin in the morning. All in all though, it was a pretty good day and a great chance to explore the area.

Anyone got any tips for things to do and places to see around East London/Bow?

*This post was in collaboration with Santander Cycles

2 thoughts on “East London Summer: Burgers, Bikes, Coffee & Parks

  1. I have heard so many good things about Zealand Road Coffee – need to make a trip there one weekend. Muxima on Roman Road is also great as well (their baked goods are SO good).

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