Top 3 – London Burgers

Patty & Bun - Smokey Robinson

So for a very long time now I’ve been meaning to start doing restaurant reviews. Partly because I eat out so often so it makes sense and partly because I thought it’d be fun to add an extra element to the blog. The more that I’ve been thinking about it and now I’ve increased the lifestyle type posts I was thinking that I may do a slightly different angle on this. So rather than doing individual posts on a restaurant I’m going to start blogging my Top 3’s. This will be something like: “Top 3 Burgers” or “Top 3 Fried Chicken Dishes” so it may not be restaurant specific but more food/dish specific depending on the post so I may mention the sides in passing say, but will focus on the core element. There’ll be no specials as you may not be able to grab it, so what’s the point in me telling you what you can’t have? Specials will have their own dedicated lists. These lists will primarily be based around London but I’ll blog about other places from time to time as well.

To kick things off I’m going straight in with the burgers. I’ve eaten a fair few of these over the last few years and I will happily say I’m spoilt. So here goes with my top 3 burgers in London, in no particular order:

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