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So I am now a Londoner. Oh shit! Yeah that means I am now getting up over an hour earlier and commuting for about 45 minutes in the morning, maybe an hour on the night. I’m also crashing at my mate Tim’s in Walthamstow (Thanks Tim!) until I’ve got a place. Which means a couple of things. To start with it means that I’ve not got my own kitchen, and secondly it means I’ve not got any of my baking stuff. And as great as Tim’s place is, he’s not a big cooker, which means that he doesn’t really have anything for me to use. I’m not complaining at all, he’s helped me out no end.

I am however, starting to get baking withdrawals. And it has ONLY BEEN A WEEK. Oh. So, to keep myself going I’m going to put together a list. This will be a “when I get my own place I am baking the shit out of these things” list. I’ll be updating it weekly. And hey, if anyone knows anyone in London after a super awesome beardy housemate, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
So to start:
• Povitica (i.e. that ridiculous swirl bread from the GBBO European week)
• Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cinnamon Drizzle
• Cinnamon Buns, so I can update my recipe and photos (as these didn’t rise properly).
• Marble Cake – It’s easy but I made one recently and want to do it again.
• Vegan Lemon & Walnut cake (On request)
• Roasted Nuts:
o Honey & Mustard Roasted Cashews
o Cinnamon Sugar Candied Cashews
• Cinnamon Oven Baked Donuts
• Gingerbread things – It’s Christmas soon alright?
• Bleeding Black Velvet cupcakes for Halloween.
• Chocolate torte
• Weekly round-up of autumn picks; clothes/events/bakes.

Leave any suggestions of requests in the comments below!

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