Thank You Leeds

Well what can I say? It has been a blast. Leeds, and the people I’ve met during my 8 years in it, has completely shaped the person I am today. I’ve had laughs, tears, pure undiluted joy and moments of out and out despair. It introduced me to the best people I have ever met. It provided me with the best job of my life so far (yes O2 Academy Leeds, that’s you). It broadened my horizons. It introduced me to all kinds of food, people and music that I’d never have experienced otherwise.


So I am going to say Thank You.


Thank you for the friends.


Thank you for all the pizza; Cano (which fuelled my uni years)/Box/Ecco/Dough Boys.


Thank you for the nights spent drunk in various gutters and on various floors with my best friends.


Thank you for the Milner Game and Drop Trou.


Thank you for introducing me to Frosty Jacks (ok, not really).


Thank you for nights at the cockpit dancing like an idiot to songs I’ve liked since my teenage years.


Thank you for nights in Mojo/Santiagos and Calls Landing.


Thank you for all the god damn burgers.


Thank you for the House Shows, the stage dives and the human pyramids.



Thank you for the food, all of it. Leeds is the reason I am overweight.


Thank you for introducing me to about 80% of the bands I listen to.


Thank you for introducing me to some ridiculously talented and hardworking people:  Rob Lynch, Kamikaze Girls, The Lion and the Wolf, Jimmy Holland, Pinky Swear Recs, Pinky Swear/Slam Dunk, Hello Bastards etc To name but a few.




Thank you for introducing me to baking, and to blogging.


Thank you for ruining my body and my mind.


Thank you for putting up with my grouchy & miserable attitude to life.


Thank you for everything, I will miss you, but I will be back soon.


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