Music Monthly: October

Won’t lie, this hasn’t been the best month for me in terms of listening to anything particularly different. In part because I’ve been listening to a couple of the albums I mentioned in my last round up. Namely TWIABP – Harmlessness and Shit Present. That doesn’t mean I’ve completely neglected it though. So without further ado:

Foxing – Dealer

Sad music all round this month. This is the second album from this lot, and it’s a superb follow up to The Albatross (which is one of my favourite sad albums of the last few years). Perfect for both sunny autumn days and dark, dank misty autumn nights I highly recommend this album. The whole album just feels like a step up from Albatross and has a generally “bigger” and more mature sound. I’ve still not seen this band and missed them in the summer when they came across with Tigers Jaw because of a family wedding. They’re high on my “must see” list.

Further Listening:
The Medic (Albatross)
Bloodhound (Albatross)
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Music Monthly: September Jams

Apologies for the, slightly, late music monthly (you can see the others here). It’s been an exceedingly hectic couple of weeks and over the weekend I had a trip to Leeds for the #BloggersBlogAwards. However, September was absolutely bloody fantastic for new releases. The month started with me binging on Brand New (The Devil in God are Raging Inside of Me, in particular) as I was going to see them at Ally Pally (and later in Edinburgh, they played Deja in full and I can now say I’ve seen them do it twice), so I was already assuming that they’d be one of the main people to go in my music monthly for September.

I was very wrong.

Three different bands all put out superb records and I’ve been listening to almost nothing but a combination of these three records since they have. So here goes.

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Music Monthly: August Jams

It amazes me that it’s somehow part way into September already. The temperature has already dropped and British Summer Time is coming to an end. So what you’re all eagerly anticipating (or not as I don’t think anyone reads these particular posts) is of course my Music Monthly (old posts here) post for August. With Hevy Fest at the start and a trip to Berlin it’s been a fairly playlist heavy month. But I’ll start with a band (and then a couple of playlists which I listen to fairly often).

Thrice – Back Catalogue

They are my favourite band and have been for many years. They reformed and headlined Hevy this year (the main reason I was there). They basically matured musically as my own tastes started to mature. I could go on for a while here so I’m just going to stick a playlist of all of their songs for you to educate yourselves with instead.

Top picks: Red Sky (Vheissu), In Exile (Beggars), Anthology (Major/Minor), Phoenix Ignition (Identity Crisis), Silhouette (The Artist In The Ambulance), Image Of The Invisible (Vheissu).

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