WE HAVE SOMEWHERE TO LIVE. As of Tuesday we will be residents in Clapham. Near Clapham South station to be exact. And to celebrate I am going to do a whole heap of baking. That’s right. Loads of it. All the time. I am also setting up a new food blog with some London based pals to start blogging about the restaurants we visit regularly.


Basically things are pretty good at the moment. So those of you that remember my last giveaway no the drill. It’s a rafflecopter and you can win cake. That’s right. I will send cake to your door.

The last lucky winner was Jason and he won a batch of brownies and cookies. This time I’m making it mystery boxes, they will likely be autumn or Christmas themed. The winners will be drawn at random by Rafflecopter and I will contact them to arrange delivery. This is only open to my UK followers, sorry everyone else. It will run until the end of the month and end at midnight on November 30th. It is live now and you can tweet daily to enter.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

15 thoughts on “NEW HOUSE GIVEAWAY

  1. Congrats on the move! Clapham is a lovely part of London.
    Also, cake to my door? Yes please! That would be the best post day!!

  2. Cake delivery? Could there be a better reason to knock on my door? I think not! Commented on your Butternut squash soup recipe…it gave me an idea to improve my own! Thank you!

  3. commented on Reese’s Pieces Chip Cookies my 11 year old daughter would love these as she loves Reece’s

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