I need a better alarm clock

Ah, holidays, those wonderfully stress-relieving times of year. When you only have a couple of things to worry about and a constant supply of alcohol & good food. Stress? What’s that? Or at least, that’s normally the case. This time around I had the most stressful start to a holiday I have EVER had.

I was due to catch the 5am train from Leeds to London Kings Cross, to give me ample time to get to Heathrow for our 11.50am flight. I was all packed, my alarm was set for 4am and I was tucked up in bed by 12 (having popped for a friend’s leaving meal earlier in the night, at which I didn’t drink).

I woke up at 7.13am.

Shit. Fuck. Bollocks. All of these profanities escaped my mouth as I jumped out of bed grabbing my phone and dialling my friend Tom (who I was making the trip with). He quickly checked some train times while I chucked on clothes, and discovered there was a train at 7.38am that would get me to London with a very slim chance of making the plane. I live a 15-20 minute walk from Leeds station. I managed to be out of the door and out in under 5 minutes. I didn’t even put socks on.

I made the train at 7.37.


We made the check in at 11.04 (check in closed at 11.05). And finally, made the gate at 11.28 (it closed at 11.30).

Never again.
Let me put the above in perspective. I never sleep right through. I always wake up every couple of hours. I’m an awful sleeper. I had a couple of very lough alarms set. When I know I have to wake up for something I usually wake up even more. I slept straight through for 7 hours. This just does not happen.

But, we made it. And that means you all get to endure me doing several blog posts about the trip and raving about deep dish pizza.


Don’t worry, I’m going to get some actual bakes up in between. Currently thinking of finally blogging about my ginger cake w/ dark rum drizzle and lime buttercream and also some pumpkin spiced cake.

I also have to move soon, which means giving my laptop back to work, and also may mean internet/baking downtime, so I’ll apologise now for any lack of updates. I have however added a new comment section using Disqus, and finally added some social sharing buttons. So share away.

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