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I started thinking up my “last two weeks in Leeds” bucket list. I realised that it’s almost entirely food, and that there is no way I could possibly eat this much food in the remaining time I actually have left in the city. It’s looking something like this:

– One last pork pie from the Duck & Drake.
– Slice of Dough Boys
– Burger from Patty Smiths
– Last film at the Hyde Park Picture House
– Last pizza from Ecco
– Last ever Slam Dunk
– Whiskey Wednesdays
– Grab a cushion from the Little Button Co.
– Tattoo commemorating my time here (this is less time sensitive)
– One last Canal Mills.
– Get a pint from as many of the Leeds microbreweries as possible: Ilkley Brewery, Leeds Brewery, Kirkstall Brewery, Burley Road Brewery etc.
– Pickles and Potter/Hepworths deli
– Pitza Cano (for old time’s sake) & Box Pizza
– 4am Chicken Cottage/Little Oven
Last lonely Hearts & Souls club

What will actually likely happen is I just end up in Bundobust 5 times and drunk in the Palace.

Suggestions welcome in the comments below. Current suggestions from the Facebook pals were a mixture of sensible and life threatening:

– Roundhay Park/Tropical World
– Break in to cockpit and have my own gig
– Have sex in the field outside my house (like the couple he just saw out of his office window)
– Get a pint in the Duncan without being stabbed.
– Otley Chevin
– Knaresbrough

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