Simple Water Recipes: The eBook


The sun’s out, that means it is basically Summer, right? This means that it’s finally time to start thinking about refreshing cool drinks. I personally drink a ridiculous amount of water. I find that if I don’t have 4+ pints in a day I get headaches and my skin dries out. I’m one of those people that’s fortunate enough to absolutely love the taste of water (I know people that hate it, to the point where they just will not drink it) but even I sometimes get bored of it. Fortunately there are a number of great ways to flavour up your drinking water without using cordial or without having to shell out for anything fancy.

Kinetico Water Recipe

Kinetico (those fellas that make water softeners and water purifiers) have decided to champion the humble water recipe this summer in a quest to help us all stay hydrated and to show us the bonuses of purified water. They asked a number of food bloggers to get involved with an eBook they were creating known as “Simple Water”. If you’re interested in downloading the book you can do so here.

Kinetico Water Recipe

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