Cardamom & Chocolate Braid

Chocolate & Cardamom Loaf

I’ve just returned from a week up in Scotland at my parent’s on Mull. I’ll be writing up a travel diary of the week soon, after part 2 of my New York trip, but while I was away I baked a number of things. Rainy days on the Isle of Mull are ideal for baking. You’re not going to get much else done, apart from a quick walk of the dog around the loch all wrapped up in waterproofs, so what better way to spend a day than in the kitchen baking? I made a number of things on this trip, but with the Great British Bake off well underway (and the possibility that it could all go to shit with a move to Channel 4) and bread week featuring a challenge for baking chocolate bread, I thought I’d start with the Cardamom & Chocolate loaf we made on the first day.
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Blueberry Pie

Blueberry PieI moved house, again. I am now a resident of Bow Road. Pretty much opposite the tube station, so pretty handy. Now you know where I live. No stalking please. But because of this move, I’ve been a bit slow on the baking lately. I’ve not had a chance to try out the new oven yet (don’t worry, that’ll be soon). On top of moving, I’ve been to my first press event and been quite social in the weeks. Baking takes time, as does editing photos and writing up the posts. But here’s a Blueberry Pie I baked about 2 weeks ago. Read more