My Love Affair With Edinburgh

I’ve been to Edinburgh a few times over the years. It’s always been one of those places I’ve said “you know what, I fancy living there”. This last time around, just last week (after my visit to Mull), I was there on my own. Walking around the streets, exploring new eateries, coffee shops and generally just immersing myself in the city, made me realise that I don’t just fancy it, I’m going to have to do it. If I don’t end up abroad, then at some point in the next year or two, I’m gonna pack my things up (again) and move north of the border to Scotland.



What do I love so much about the place then? Well where to begin. It reminds me a lot of my hometown, York, but where York fails me (I find the place too small and dull), Edinburgh seems to excel. Basically it feels like York, the beauty, history etc, but with things going on, access to the sea and nearer to mountains. I mean, there aren’t many cities where you can walk out from the center and be climbing up a mountain within 20 minutes, or where there’s a castle dominating the entire center or where it has street after street of classically British terraced housing (where you don’t have to go to West London and feel like you’re being judged for being a peasant).



A friend of mine pointed out that she sees Edinburgh as such a natural fit for me, and you know what? I can’t disagree with her. So I’ll see you soon Edinburgh, for another visit at least but in the longer term I’ll hopefully put some roots down in you.

Just before my trip last week to Edinburgh I actually got an email about a campaign London City Airport are running. They wanted to see people’s best #NoFilter photos that show off why Edinburgh is such a great destination. As I’d been planning on this post anyway, I thought I’d join in. The next five photos below are my entries, and mixed into the rest of the article are my other snaps. The entries are being judged by Leith Savage from Traveling Savage.

September 2015




December 2010

Edinburgh: Robin


My tips for the perfect #nofilter photos are the main obvious ones: it’s all about the light. If it’s dingey it’s just not going to look great without you fiddling with the exposure. If you’re shooting on an SLR rather than your phone then make sure you get your aperture and shutter speed settings spot on to get the depth of field and colour that you really want.


My tips for Edinburgh in general, whether you’re after photos or not: look up, there’s so much history around here and you never know what a building may be. Do some research on your food, there’s all kinds of amazing places to eat from burgers (Burger Meats Bun) to mexican (El Cartel, Illegal Jacks) or even something michelin starred (The Kitchin), so put some time in and you’ll find something wonderful to eat. Go for a walk, stick some headphones on and have a wonder around, up Carlton Hill, along the Royal Mile or up Arthur’s Seat. Don’t rush and spend some time in one of their numerous and wonderful coffee shops.

El Cartel

El Cartel

Have you been to Edinburgh? What are your tips?

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