Bloggers Blog Awards Nomination

 Bloggers Blog Awards

So this year some pretty cool things have happened because of my blog. I got to go to New York City when I won a competition for this post. I also got nominated in the Great British Food Awards, and while I didn’t win, I got Highly Commended. The nomination was completely out of the blue and the fact that a bunch of my readers voted for me is incredibly humbling. Hot off the results of that, I then found out that I’d been nominated in the Bloggers Blog Awards.


These awards were founded by Hayley at TeaPartyBeauty, and while I attended last year’s there wasn’t actually a food category. This year she’s upped the number of categories and I’ve managed to get myself nominated in the Best Food Blog group. This is really exciting.

What’s just as exciting is that last year there wasn’t a single man in the whole thing and this year there’s 3 of us! There’s a whole host of incredible bloggers nominated in the awards, all of which deserve the attention they are getting. I feel a little out of place amongst some of them so I’m particularly humbled. If you wanted to go and vote for me though, you can do that here, and the closing date for votes is 18th September

Vote for me!

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