2015 Goals

2014 bought about a fair bit of change and adventure for me. With a move from “North” (Yorkshire) to “South” (London) finally taking place, trips to Chicago, Belgium & Mull and various mini adventures and escapades along the way it was all together a fairly successful year. So I’m going to set myself some targets for 2015. Some of these may come across as modest, but that is, in part, down to having such an extravagant 2014 and my wallet needing some downtime.

  1. Learn to bake

Cinnamon Buns
Yup, you read that right. Twice every year I get people badgering me to enter The Breat British Bake Off (GBBO), when it airs and when they accept entries, and every time I say the same thing; “I’m just not good enough. I don’t have the basic technical knowledge required.” Etc. I’m also very good at following a recipe, or adapting a recipe, but I wouldn’t say I could just make one up or wing it too successfully (I can to a point, but not as much as I personally would like).

So, this means I am going to spend some time this year teaching myself the basics. What makes a good cake, and why? How to make pastry, of all different kinds, pies and the like. And so on and so forth. This also means I’ll be documenting my adventures.

  1. Learn how to use my camera

You guessed it, there’s a theme here, I want to better myself. I have a Nikon D70s which I inherited from my dad when he upgraded a few years ago. I have a couple of good lenses, and I can take a passable snap. I want to take GOOD photos though. This year I fully intend to step my game up and teach myself just how to use the camera I’ve been heavy-handedly using for the last few years. I’ve been recommended Plate to Pixel and I’m going to give that a go.

  1. Sort out my financial situation.

It stinks; I want it not to stink. This means an actual budget. I have plans in place to get this sorted, which I’ll share if they are successful.

  1. Sell my bakes

I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. As I knew I’d likely be leaving Leeds it wasn’t really going to happen there. I’ve been thinking about ways of doing it, from doing bespoke orders all the way through to having my own stall. I’m currently wanting to look in to setting up a market stall somewhere in London at one of the weekend markets.

This is one I’d love some help with. If anyone has any suggestions on how to go about it, from set up, to places or even just business help/advice that’d be amazing.

  1. Get to a better fitness level.


Cor, check out that belly (this was when I was in better shape, using better loosely)

Ah, the standard one you’ll see everywhere. This isn’t an “oh my god I wanna lose 50lbs” it’s more of an “I don’t wanna get out of breath climbing the stairs”. I was doing pretty well last year before I got derailed by life things happening, and I want to get back to it.

These will all go along with other lifestyle changes that I’ll be looking to make throughout the year. What are your goals for 2015? Do you have anything to say or a way you could help me with mine?

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