2014 – In Review

How on earth is it already the end of 2014? It’s been a pretty mixed year. Started a bit low but had some real highlights. Including (but not limited to) taking my friends to Mull for the first time, my sister getting married, Chicago, Groezrock & moving to London (at last). It’s been pretty damn busy to say the least. I’ve made a lot of new friends, and got closer to old ones. I saw my sister walk down the aisle and was her new husband’s groomsmen. I baked a serious amount of cake. Averaging more than once a week.

Below are some visual highlights from a year in the life of a beard.


Above image by Rob Booker Photography – www.robbooker.co.uk


Sound of Mull 03

And now I’m going to do a few year top 5’s.

My favourite first time bakes:

  1. Oven Baked Cinnamon Donuts (recipe to come)
  2. Triple Chocolate Brownies
  3. Triple Chocolate Brownies

  4. Strawberry Drizzle Cake
  5. Boston Cream Pie Cupcakes
  6. Sticky Ginger Loaf w/ Dark Rum Drizzle and Lime Buttercream
  7. Sticky Ginger Loaf

Albums of the year:

  1. The Hotelier – Home, like Noplace is there
  2. Cayetana – Nervous Like Me
  3. PUP – PUP
  4. Modern Baseball – You’re Gonna Miss it All
  5. The Lion & The Wolf – Symptoms</li>

Songs of the year:

  1. The Hotelier – Your Deep Rest
  2. The Menzingers – I Don’t Wanna Be An Arsehole Anymore
  3. Die Antwoord – Happy Go Sucky Fucky
  4. The Smith Street Band – Throw Me In The River
  5. Cayetana – Scott Get the Van, I’m Moving

I’m going to end it there and stop myself from moving on to things you really don’t care about. I could easily go on to list stuff like my top 5 burgers, top 5 wrestling moments and things along those lines. But the majority of you are only here for cake, so even the music was probably a bit far.

Bring on 2015! I’ll be seeing it in on Mull with some friends, what are you doing? And tell me some of your best moments from 2014.

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