Rye Waffles With Goats Cheese & Honey

Rye Waffles

So I finally cracked and bought a waffle iron in January. I’ve wanted one since I was born (well, the last couple of years anyway) and there are a couple of fancy ones I’d had an eye on. As someone that can’t justify spending £100 on a waffle iron though I finally had to bite the bullet and get one down the bottom end of the range. I now don’t know why I waited so long. Yeah it only cost £27 and it doesn’t latch close but now I get waffles whenever the hell I want them, and I warn you, that means there’s going to be an inordinate amount of waffles pictures of instagram for the next few months (and years).

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Honey & Rye Cake

Honey & Rye Cake

As alluded to previously, before I popped up to Leeds for the Bloggers Blog Awards, I went to my parents in Scotland and due to the weather on a couple of the days, I ended up doing a good amount of baking. Ingredients up there can be slightly more awkward due to a need for things to keep. My dad also has a bread machine, and because of this he has a large stock of different flours. We unearthed a bag of rye that he practically begged us to use as he had no plans to and didn’t want it to go to waste. After raiding the cupboards we worked out that honey was probably the best ingredient we had at our disposal for doing something cake-y. Some quick (by my parents island internet standards) googling took place and we found that honey & rye cake is actually a particular french special.

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