Easter 2015: Mull Pt.1

Mist on Sea

Over the Easter weekend I went to visit my parents in Scotland again on the Isle of Mull. The last time I went up I got the sleeper Megabus Gold and only booked off one day from work, so I could work out how viable an option both of these were. As it turned out, they weren’t particularly. So this time around I took advantage of having 2 days already off work and tried the Caledonian Sleeper up to Glasgow instead of the Coach. As I left it pretty late I booked a seat, rather than a bed due to cost. I think next time I’ll go for a bed… the seats weren’t that great and leaving the light on overnight? Nah.

Mist in the Sound of Mull

Anyway, just as with the coach the transition in Glasgow went smoothly. As did the always splendid train journey from Glasgow to Oban, on which I spent some time writing up a recipe and some details on Cake Care Package. What became apparent was that the weather was getting murkier as we went North. This did however, lead to one of the eeriest ferry crossings I have had. With thick, low-lying fog and no wind the visibility was poor, but the water almost like a sheet of glass. As I’m used to this being an often choppy crossing it made an interesting change, as well as for some more unusual views.

Oban to Craignure Lighthouse

It also set the tone for why I love going up so much. The weather and scenery of Mull/Scotland is so changeable that it’s never the same, and also it’s a great place to lose yourself away from technology and have some good quality me time.

Dog on beach

Family on beach

This particular weekend my sister, her husband as well as my aunt and uncle were all visiting in addition to myself, which lead to a busy and full house. It also meant that we had a number of things planned in and I had a fairly major baking project I was keen to undertake. I’ll be putting up my Chocolate Carrot Cake East Nest over the next few days.

Beach on Mull

As I arrived just after lunchtime on the Friday we kept that day fairly simple and just pottered to a local beach. The next two days involved full walks, which will be blogged separately.

12 thoughts on “Easter 2015: Mull Pt.1

  1. I love busy weekends away with the fam. I want to see more of Scotland, it’s crazy that somewhere so stunningly beautiful is so close!

      1. Same with everywhere isn’t it? I reckon I’ve seen more of Australia than most Aussies yet I’ve never been to cities like Dublin or Newcastle and I’ve tended to stick to France and Spain Europe wise.

        1. Very true. I’ve not been to as much of the UK as I’d like but I’ve done better than a lot! The UK and Europe have so much to offer and so many people don’t see that.

  2. People often dismiss a long journey in favour of just getting to the destination. Such a shame because I think the journey is part of the adventure and does so much to enrich it. I remember tweeting during your travels. I remember thinking how I would love to journey on a sleeper train again (it’s been too long since last I did that). Stopping in Glasgow sound interesting – you know how I feel about those tower blocks! The journey alone sounds like one heck of an adventure and the photos are so atmospheric. Look forward to seeing more.

    1. Oh of course! I have just had two annoying ones the last couple of trips. With journeys like this I usually class it as part of the trip/adventure.

      Thank you, I’m going to get up more this week.

  3. I absolutely love train journeys… is that weird? So much more comfortable than the bus anyway! My gran lives in Bunessan on Mull so I’ve spent much of my childhood visiting there. Like you said it can change a lot with the weather – some days we’d be swimming in the sea in the glorious sunshine, others we’d be huddled round the roaring fire! Either way, a good place to take a step back from everything.

    Laura | http://www.laurakathren.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Bunessan you say? That’s where my mum is now Headteacher! Small world (ish). Oh I do love train journeys especially the ones across Scotland, they’re so relaxing.
      Exactly that! Some days you can see for miles and then an hour later can’t see your hand in front of your face. I love it though.

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