This summer needs more adventures.

Ben More - Mull

I mean, it’s competing with last summer, which was pretty rad. It involved a number of weekends away. Several hikes, lots of baking, weekend and day trips. There was one month where I did Devon > Scotland > Cornwall. With only brief stops in Leeds and York in the middle. Those breaks were great.

Ardmore Point - Mull

I mean this summer I’ve got Mull to look forward to with the Cornwall lot at the start of August, the morning after my sister’s wedding, but other than that I feel like I have been doing a lot more drinking a lot more stationary this year. This is a campaign to get me up a few more mountains and to a few more remote locations, with campfires and maybe tents.

Hiro - Cornwall

Unfortunately I am already running out of weekends though. Why does this always seem to happen? Or at least if I’m not busy, everyone else appears to be. Too much to do. Such little time and such little money.

My mountain climb at the start of the summer fell through and while I’ve been looking to re-arrange it, it appears to be fairly fruitless. I’m more than tempted to just jump on a train to the middle of nowhere this weekend and see where I end up. It’s fairly easy to do out of Leeds with some of the smaller towns/villages on a couple of lines out of Leeds.

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