Above The Taps: My Morning Routine

“Hey Mike, do you just wake up looking that good?” My adoring fans cry from the moment I leave my front door until I’ve fended them off and get the elevator door closed up to my office, followed by the screams of “and when are you baking us all cakes?”.
Well my answer to both is of course: “I naturally look like this, and don’t have to try, oh and I’ve already baked you all cakes, here they are”.

Then I wake up and realise that my hair is a mess, I look like shit and I’ve not baked anyone a cake.

I usually wake up a complete state
I usually wake up a complete state

But in all seriousness, it’s national grooming day on Friday (the good, wholesome, legal kind of grooming) and Mira Showers wanted to know how I got ready Above The Taps every morning. I’ve talked about a few beard related things on the blog before, but I of course do more than just rub things into my facial fuzz.

Obviously, first thing out of the shower I have a sha… no, wait that doesn’t happen. But below I’ll go through my morning routine:

The Beard:
I wash this along with my hair in the shower using the same shampoo and conditioner I use on my hair. Then, once every couple of weeks anyway, I take out my electric beard trimmer and give the whole thing a quick tidy/trim down. The length of the trim varies depending on how much I’m resenting having it longer.

The Face:
I then move on to my face, where I use Bull Dog’s exfoliating scrub and massage it gently into my face before rinsing it off. I follow this up with the Nivea For Men 0% alcohol moisturiser. Since moving to London I’ve had to be much more “on it” with moisturising. The harsher & more polluted air combined with the harder water have really hit my skin hard. For now (likely until I discover a better one) this combination seems to be keeping my skin ok though.

Above The Taps

The Beard, again:
After all of this I pat my beard dry and take my Murdock’s Beard Moisturiser, squirt out a 5p piece into my palm and massage it into my beard. Every now and then I’ll also add a beard oil, but I often just stick to the moisturiser.

I was late for work this morning, wonder why?
I was late for work this morning, wonder why?
The hair I do separately, so you’ll have to hear that another time.

So that’s my morning routine above the taps, what’s yours?

*this post was written in collaboration with Mira Showers

4 thoughts on “Above The Taps: My Morning Routine

  1. Great post! Special effects in movies always do a good job of showing the man turn into the werewolf – but rarely is there any coverage of the reverse process.

    1. Haha, good! I can never do anything like this remotely seriously.

      And of course! People that complain of itchy beards are usually culprits of not treating it like hair!

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