Triple Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits

Chocolate Shortbread BiscuitsBiscuits! Chocolatey ones! And shortbread! Oh and then more chocolate! Yes! I’m struggling to work out how to start this post, so just lots of exclamations about the general core factors of this bake will have to do. A friend of mine was holidaying a few weeks back in sunny Brighton and got robbed from her hotel room. That stinks! And in the spirit of Cake Care Package (want one, pop me an email, the site is coming along at the mo) I decided to send her something to cheer her up. I opted for double chocolate shortbread biscuit then grabbed some white chocolate for dipping (I may have ‘accidentally’ dropped a whole biscuit it…).
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Lemon, Earl Grey & Poppyseed Shortbread Biscuits

Earl Grey, Lemon & Poppy Seed Shortbread

I’ve been lacking on the recipe posts the last few weeks. Sorry! I’ve been pretty hectic and been out of the house a lot/getting to grips with the new kitchen and being given the chance to go to a ton of fun events. I’ve baked a few things but outside of the bread I uploaded previously, and I’ve not gotten the snaps that I necessarily wanted, which for me can be a sticking point. However, on a recent trip down to Brighton with work (these work trips won’t be happening for much longer, more on that to come), I let my eye be caught by some fancy biscuits in M&S while I was in Victoria station. The fancy biscuits were Lemon, Earl Grey & Poppyseed Butter Shortbread.
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Chocolate Swirl Biscuits

Hands up, who likes biscuits? Or should I say, hands up who doesn’t like biscuits? There is a time and place for cookies; and I know a great many people that love a good chewy American styled cookie. But what about the humble biscuit? I am in the camp of “I buy these often so I can have one or two, but will end up eating the whole pack in one go and then complain about being out of shape”, but I rarely actually make them, opting normal for the aforementioned cookies., like the Americanised man I claim not to be. However who can not want to make and eat something that looks like a swiss roll, but is actually a biscuit? Chocolate Swirl cookies look good, aren’t hard to make and taste even better. Kinda like shortbread but with a chocolatey extra.

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