Comté, Pancetta & Fig Mac N Cheese

Comte, Pancetta & Fig Mac N CheeseI love cheese. A lot of you know I’ve dabbled a lot with vegetarianism lately and that’s been going pretty well. Cheese is the main thing that stops me going the whole hog and properly attempting being vegan though. But enough of that, today I made the greatest Mac N Cheese of my life. I mean even better than the Mac N Cheese Pizza Pie. It was full of flavour, rich in colour and 100% completely winged. Most of my mac n cheese meals are but this one I took it a bit further. Throwing in a number of extras but using less types of cheese than I usually do. Read more

Christmas Recipe Round Up


A very merry Christmas to you all.

It’s been a pretty mixed year. But right now it’s just a few days until Christmas and we all know what that means, right? Food. More food than your body can handle. More cheese than you’d ever consider eating in a month, in the space of a few days. Everything covered in chocolate. Questionable amounts of alcohol consumption at questionable times of day.

I’ve decided that just a few days before the big day I’ll do a rundown of some of my favourite Christmas recipes from both my own blog and a few of my favourite other Food Bloggers, so check these out below and get your bake/cook on. Most of the ones from me are from previous years but you can check more recent ones here.

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Winter Warmer: Mushroom & Brown Ale Soup

Mushroom Brown Ale SoupIt’s cold outside now. The temperature has moved on from autumn and over to a blustery winter, today at least. It’s time to get yourself indoors, batten down the hatches and make a big batch of something warm. Maybe a squash soup, a hearty meat stew or something a little different but equally as tasty, like this brown ale, mushroom & lentil soup. It’ll sort out your lunches for a few days or feed a family for a dark wintery evening. So wrap yourself up warm and get a large pot onto the stove for this one.

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“Christmas” Pancakes: Matcha Pancakes w/ Maple, Cinnamon Cranberries

Matcha PancakesIt’s December 1st, and we all know what that means, right? It’s CHRISTMAS. You’ll get wall to wall festive recipes from now on, with added Reuben: Now I’ve got that out of my system it’s time to talk about more serious matters, like breakfast food. Or in this case, pancakes. In fact, wait a minute, how about CHRISTMAS PANCAKES? It’s like two of the best things in life put together. Breakfast food and Christmas. What isn’t to like? I mean, matcha isn’t very Christmassy, but any excuse to crack out the green stuff (you saw my Halloween cookies, right?) and what isn’t festive about the combo of green and red? Read more

Pumpkin Jam & Slow Cooker Giveaway

Pumpkin Jam

Oh man, it’s been a stressful week. I had a wonderful weekend away in Wales (The Wye Valley, more on that to come) and was feeling oh so relaxed, then I came back to an insanely busy and stressful few days both in and out of the office. Just before I went away however, I was approached by Domu, who asked me to create a slow cooker recipe for their new Slow Cooker Recipe Hub. This prompted me to take my slow cooker with me to Wales and I made a couple of different things, a more standard 3 bean chilli and then the recipe I opted to share with them, Pumpkin Jam. Yeah, OK, I’ve probably overdone it on the pumpkin this year (the pancakes aren’t even up yet…).
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